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Organization of STUDENT Guided Reading Materials

As someone who has taught A LOT of Guided Reading lessons in my teaching career, I know the importance of that time with readers. It can be so meaningful where you learn a great deal about each reader. One way to ensure the groups are engaged is by being prepared. As a reading specialist, I've worked really hard to help teachers everywhere have all the materials they need at their fingertips for readers at a variety of levels. Planning for groups can be so time consuming; however, if you can focus all your energy on being with your readers during the group instead of scrambling for materials, both you and your readers will be happy! That's why I created my Guided Reading passages packs!

Keep reading for a few ideas on how to use them and how to set them up quickly so they are always ready for your groups!

These passages packs can be used in so many ways in and out of the classroom! The goal is to get readers reading, no matter who they're with or where they are.

When I originally created these a few years ago, I knew I wanted my readers to have something they could hold on to so that they felt ownership. Three prong folders full of passages work so well. They last the entire year, even with frequent changing of passages and then they become a keepsake for the student as well, a reminder of their progress throughout the year!

Three prong folders can hold a lot of passages, but once they get full, you can always remove some of the earliest passages completed and just send those home separately. Otherwise, adding 10-15 at a time helps you feel prepared for several weeks for each group!

I highly recommend use highlighter strips for any students that have a difficult time tracking- these can be used from the early levels to older readers- whoever needs them!

Assembly is quick and simple! All you need: 
1. Tape to place the cover sheet on the front of the folder.
2. 3 hole punch to place holes in the reading passages.
3. Put them all in the folder- that's it!

The lesson plans and running records (and original passages) fit well in one sleeve within a binder. Then you can just pull out your binder and get the group going! 

One teacher who had purchased these, showed how she binded her passages together for her readers. I loved this idea, so I had to try it! Using a binding machine, you can quickly punch holes in the passages and covers and then put it all together. I recommend using cardstock or laminated pages for the front and pack to make these more secure. It takes a little more time if adding new pages to the binded version, but still works great!

If you're looking for a spot to keep everything together, placing your materials in bins (or containers that you can check out in this post) will make everything readily available to you and your groups. 

If you already own my Guided Reading passages packs, you can grab the free binder covers, labels and spines for my fiction passages here and my non fiction passages here!

Happy Reading!

Guided Reading Organization Ideas

There are so many different ways to organize your Guided Reading materials. I love using a binder to keep all the materials in one spot. Inside each binder are all the materials including, lesson plans, leveled passages and running records for each group. 

The binders and many other Guided Reading group materials, including student reading folders full of leveled passages and tools fit well into these large bins. Check out all that's included inside and grab the free covers/labels below to help you get organized!

You can easily set up a bin for each group and grab it when it's time for the group to begin. There's a good amount of space in each container, so even the binder full of lesson plans and running records fits well!

Here's a quick peek at an unpacking of this bin:

Having everything in one place that you can quickly grab things out of helps make your group run smoother and more effectively. You can even have a student leader from the group grab the container each day to get the group started!

These little photo boxes that have been seen all over social media for various reasons are also a great size for Guided Reading toolkits! For lower level students, tools for saying the sounds in words, magnifying glasses for taking a closer peek at words, finger pointers and fun pencils all fit within the container. For upper elementary readers, pencils, highlighters for finding evidence in the text, post it notes, mini erasers for finding specific words and highlighter strips are all inside this toolkit! 

If you don't own or want to purchase the larger containers, but have these drawers, they also work great for getting organized! Within each drawer, reading folders and toolkits fit well! Of course books and other tools that you may use for word work also fit in these drawers.

All the covers and labels that you see above can be download for FREE here! You can also take a look at my leveled Guided Reading passages packs for Pre A-V here.

Happy organizing & reading!

Non Fiction Guided Reading Binder Freebies

It always helps to feel organized and prepared ahead of time when it comes to Guided Reading groups! Knowing how important organization is, I'm happy to say that I now have free binder covers, spines and tub labels to help you get organized. Having everything in a binder, ready to bring to the copy room, or to have by your side at guided reading groups can make a world of a difference.

I have binder covers and spines for Levels Pre A-V. You can simply print them out on regular paper or bright cardstock and get your binder together. Inside the binder, it's helpful to place all the materials for one lesson in a plastic sleeve. To see all that is included for each passage, check out this super brief video or more info in this post!

Grab the free colorful version here and the b&w version here! Each set includes the binder covers, spines and tub labels. You can also check out all my non fiction guided reading passages packs from Levels Pre A-V here. Good luck getting organized!

I also have free binder covers etc for my regular Guided Reading passages as well- you can grab those from this post!

Happy Reading!

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