GRo: Guided Reading App

I love new technology...I also love being organized, guided reading and all things that keep me on track to make my readers as successful as possible.  I am thrilled to share this amazing Guided Reading app with you that was created by a teacher who also loves all these things that I listed! The GRo app allows you to make the most of your guided reading time by keeping you prepared for all your groups in one easy format!

I was so excited when Amanda Duke, the creator, reached out to me. The minute I began testing out the app, I knew it was amazing! If you know me, you know I'm a huge fan of Evernote and that I've used it for guided reading student notes. However- this new app covers everything possible I'd want to get down in one spot for my guided reading group! No need to use Evernote any longer for managing student data in regard to guided reading groups..of course I still use it daily for everything else in my life... :)

Amanda created the app (with her hubby!) because she realized there was no app out there that met the needs of what she was looking for in regard to staying organized for guided reading groups and with student data. When you begin using the app, you can immediately tell that it was created by a teacher who knows guided reading and does guided reading well!

The app is incredibly user-friendly. It truly is an amazing reference tool that you'll constantly be going back to both for teaching your guided reading groups and for follow up meetings about students. Here's a closer look at the app and definitely check out the website as well to get more information! One of my favorites, Alison, over at Learning at the Primary Pond also wrote up a wonderful post all about this app- check it out for even more detailed info!You can download this amazing guided reading app from the app store here!

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Guided Reading Passages: Levels N-P

I'm so excited to share my newest set of Guided Reading Passages packs! I've had many requests for levels above M for quite a long time and since my 3rd and 4th graders this year were ready at these levels and above, I went for it!

I broke down all that is included at each level to give you a closer look! If you are a new teacher just starting out, or an experienced teacher looking for some new guided reading resources to always have on hand, these passages will provide you with just that. There is also a freebie sampler included in the preview of the N-P Bundle that you can use to test this all out!

These passages, lesson plans, comprehension questions and running records are meant to make your life easier. They also will make your guided reading time more meaningful because you'll have all the resources you need directly in front of you and your readers at all times!

I am always amazed by just how much progress readers make within a year. Leveled texts move at a gradual pace, but the difference from for example, a Level K text to a Level O text, is truly extensive. Readers need to continually apply strategies to figure out difficult words as text continues getting more challenging at each level. Figurative language also plays a big role in these higher levels. And let me tell you, readers need a lot of exposure to figurative language in order to even begin understanding it and using it in their own writing. These passages include a variety of figurative language for just that purpose. Readers need to see it both in and out of context to further their understanding.

I included a full page of comprehension questions for Levels N-P that require more in depth thinking by the reader. At these levels, with the intensity of Common Core Standards, readers need to really be diving into their texts and understanding figurative language and why/how characters or the author do certain things. These comprehension questions provide readers with the opportunity to dig deeper as they read!

You can check out each set, including the bundle by clicking the images or links below!

Happy reading!

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