{Free} Ten Frames App

I am always looking for new ways to teach ten frames.  I see my students who understand ten frames, have a stronger sense of numbers and understand number relationships.  When teaching ten frames this year I came across a great free app-10 Frame Fill.

10 Frame Fill is a great app that allows you to easily differentiate for student learning.

My students are still working on counting and understanding numbers up to 10 are simply moving the yellow counters to fill the ten frame, answering the question each time "how many more to make 10?"

My higher students are able to see a ten frame as a "missing addend" problem. This helps transition students into subtraction problems and helps them to better understand number relationships.  

There are many options to choose from in order to help best meet the needs of all of the students in your classroom.  I appreciate that I can expose higher students to a variety of subtraction and missing addend problems to help them to see a ten frame with an equation.  

The best part about this is app is that it is FREE and still has lots of options to choose from.  Hope you can use this app in your classroom to help students better understand relationships of 10!

Happy Saturday!

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