Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour

Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.

Telling time in first grade is something that I feel like I am constantly spiraling back to.  As soon as I think ALL most of my first graders can tell and write time to half-hours, I find that someone is looking at a clock that says, "8:30" and saying, "9:30."  That tricky hour hand!  Also, telling time is such an easy skill to apply to real life so I like to push my students to be able to tell time to the nearest five minute interval by the end of first grade.  As a result, I go back and review telling time often after it has been introduced.  

Spiralling is great but in order to keep kids engaged as we go back to the same topics it is important to introduce new ways for kids to practice this skill.

QR Codes are a fun and engaging way for students to practice a wide variety of skills including telling time to the nearest hour and half hour.  Below are some of my favorite "go-to's" when teaching telling time.  

To grab this set of QR Code Clocks please click HERE! Along with QR Codes, I also use different websites to reinforce skills already taught.  Below are some of the websites I use with my firsties to keep them practicing telling time to the hour, half hour and to challenge some to the nearest 5 minute interval. 

Stop the Clock: My kids love this game because they get to race to match the digital time to the analog clock.  I enjoy this game because it challenges them.  

Clock Splat:  I like that in this game you get to choose from 3 levels-hours, half hours and quarter hours.  Being able to choose the level makes it easy for all students to feel successful playing this game.

ABCYa Learn To Tell Time: This game is a great introduction to telling time.  Students can practice on both digital an analog clocks.  Students can check their work easily and levels get progressively harder.

Clock Works: Students can practice telling time at all levels (including to the nearest minute.)

Finally, below is a free app I use with my first graders.  In this app students can set the clock to different times and you can also "stop" the clock on specific digital times.  My first graders enjoy it and it is a great extra way for them to their clock skills.  You can check out this app by clicking here

I hope you were able to find at least a couple of new ideas to use when teaching time from this post!  If you have any other favorite games, or ways to teach telling time I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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Free Sight Word Apps!

The countdown to summer is definitely here...I can't believe how close we are to the end of the year!

I found some super fun free apps that I had to share with you. My little friends have come a long way since the beginning of the year to learn their sight words. These apps are perfect for quick reinforcement of sight words on the iPad. I love finding fun new apps that will help kids learn in an engaging way! You can download each one for free by clicking the links at the beginning of each little section below.  I hope they help make your last few days/weeks of the school year a little less crazy! :)

Sight Words by Photo Touch- this app is very simple and easy to use. It doesn't have any sort of fancy frills to it, but it is definitely great for practicing those sight words without any distraction. I love that it gets more challenging as students get more correct. It is constantly adjusting to the student's ability level!

Sight Words Ninja- now...this one is full of fun! Students get to pretend they are little ninjas slicing away at the sight words. The sight words break apart each time they select the word...and who doesn't enjoy being a little iPad ninja?? I love that this one allows you to easily differentiate by selecting not only certain levels of words, but also specific words at each level.

Endless Reader- the little characters on this one are so cute! I love all the animations that come along with this. I also especially love that students first learn the word and practice putting it together by itself and then see the words within sentences. So important for our little friends to practice words alone and in context!

Thanks to Hello Literacy for the super fun fonts!

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We Love Teachers TPT Sale!

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