Summer has arrived!

We are officially now on summer break and are finally ready to link up with Mrs Jumps Class for her fun Ten Things I Want to do this Summer

Clearly we have more on our lists to do this summer...but this pic pretty much sums it up! Summer is here!

1. Hang out by Aylin's pool! Pools & beaches just make us so very we are very ready for this to begin!

2. Organize and clean up our homes- this isn't quite as exciting as being at the pool, but definitely needs to happen and will be worth it when it's all done!

3. Relax!

4. Workout- Working out first thing in the morning without it being the crack of dawn is such a wonderful thing- ready for that to happen a lot this summer..started it off today!

5. Spend time with family and friends!

6. Read!

7. Catch up on TPT creations and blogging- these last few weeks of school are so exhausting- it'll be nice to have time again to get going on our blogging & creations to do lists!

8. Watch some good tv shows/movies-- Netflix is just the best thing ever...especially during the summer! We have so many shows/movies we want to watch...any recommendations on the very best ones that we absolutely have to see??

9. Cook Book a Week! So excited to get going on some real good, healthy cooking this summer-- we're going to try out a "cook book a week" to try out some new recipes! Yum yum- I love cooking...and eating!

10. Yummy Zoku Treats- I'm also going to tackle making some of these super fun Zoku recipes-- we always make the simple ones, but this summer I want to make the fancy ones! If you don't have one of these, I highly recommend the purchase- you can make yummy frozen treats in just a few minutes!

Happy Summer!!!


  1. Scandal! I'm finishing it up right now :)
    First Grade Dual

  2. I bought Jerm one of those Zoku's and he doesn't ever use it. I need to pull that thing back out. Can't wait to read about some of the recipes you will be trying. Happy summer to the both of you! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Okay, I'll put my rec. for netflix (and amazon prime if you've got it):
    House of Cards, Friday Night lights (I've still got to finish it), Breaking Bad, Terriers--this is only 10 episodes but it is zoo good, Parenthood (just be ready to cry)(this is my wife's pick).
    Here's a better list than mine:

    Have fun binging on Netflix!


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