Tried It Tuesday: GoNoodle

Has your class tried GoNoodle yet?  GoNoodle gives students the opportunity to take different kinds of brain breaks throughout the school day.

Last week I jumped on board and just like everyone else is saying my kids are o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d.  They love it-they literally cheer when they see me click on it from my bookmark bar BUT then they instantly get quiet because they know I will let a quiet student choose our kind of brain break.

Once creating an account you will choose a monster (or your class will.)  Once you have chosen your monster you are ready to go!

Each time you log in-your monster has a funny tidbit or a random piece of information for you.  The kids love reading it! The kids can see how many minutes they have spent on brain breaks (mine class was at 17 at the end of last week) and how many minutes it will take to level up (we have 13 minutes left.)  When you level up your monster gets bigger and develops a little more.  We started with a more of a "blob" of a monster...but now after leveling up he has arms, legs, and is much bigger!  

Once you click "play" your screen will look similar to the picture above.  There are a lot of different kinds of brain breaks out there and most of them say exactly how much time they are which is nice.  There are brain breaks specifically for calming your kiddos (Flow, To the Maximo, and Airtime) as well as countless brain breaks to energize your kiddos.

I do not know about you but my kids do not have a problem being energized (especially at this time of the year) so I have been using the calming brain breaks to help students stay focussed.  Students do breathing and stretching quietly as they refocus and give their brains a much needed break!  

Doing a "Flow" Brain Break.  
Stretching with Maximo.  
If you haven't "GoNoodled" yet is definitely worth a try!  Your kids will love it and it has been a huge help in keeping my firsties focussed as summer break slowly creeps into their minds! 

Thanks Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper for hosting Tried It Tuesday! I love seeing what other teachers are up to in their classrooms.  If you haven't already, hop on over to Holly's blog for lots more fabulous ideas!  

Happy Tuesday!


  1. My class loves Go Noodle! They squeal with delight when the character changes!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. I tried Go Noodle for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was a hit! I need to try that management technique where someone quiet gets to choose. I don't know why I didn't think of that before! Thanks for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. My kids LOVE Go Noodle! I am so glad that your students love it too!! Just wait until you level up!! Your kids will go crazy!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  4. Go noodle is great! I have also been using various you tube videos and songs for brain breaks and reinforcing math concepts.

  5. My class this year absolutely loved Go Noodle. They never got tired of it and was always excited when I told them that we were going to do it. Kristi


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