Sight Word Sizzle!

It's that time of year where I still have some friends who just cannot seem to remember some of our sight words that we use/read/write comes....Sight Word Sizzle time! Basically, this is my time to just try all sorts of things to get those words to stick, so to make it more engaging I call it "Sight Word Sizzle Time." Exciting, right? :) 

I wanted to share what I've been doing with my friends as little games...the last step that I didn't include here, but that MUST happen as a follow up to this word work practice is then having my friends read these words within stories. For the most part the stories that they are reading at their level all include such words, so it works out well. 

Thanks to Krista Wallden for the frame and Learning with Mrs. Leeby for the fonts!

Here are a few of the games I've been doing:

"Yes he did well, but he can try again."

(This is from a different set of word cards than above- but yay for a good sentence!)
I put all these slides together (without the pictures) so you can access at any it here. Hope these help add some "sizzle" to your sight word practice too! :)

Have a great day!


  1. Great ideas! I'm our school's kindergarten Title I teacher and I also have some students who just cannot get the sight words to stick. It's difficult to play sight words games when the kiddos don't know the words and they rely on me to tell them; they just look at me right away when they don't know the word(s). Today I gave each child in the group a sight word card, and they jumped when I said their word. They thought that was the best game ever!

  2. Hi Lee Ann- I love the movement idea with the jumping- I will try that out too next week! :)

  3. Thank you for the great sight word ideas! We too are hitting the sight words pretty hard here at the end to be sure we know them all and know them well.
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. thank you for sharing your hard work.


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