Trade and Grade Blog Hop!

We are so excited to be joining in on the fun Trade and Grade blog hop today with our favorite blogging team, Sarah and Tamra over at First Grade Buddies! We had the pleasure of reviewing a literacy and math product of theirs and are now providing a review of the products and some freebies for you to sample it as well! We absolutely LOVE these girls- they are our pen pals for our students and everything they do is just totally great- if only we actually lived in the same state where we could actually hang out. :) We tried out one literacy pack and one math pack of theirs and absolutely loved both! 

Here's a peek at the literacy pack:

There were so many different options within the literacy pack- all with a focus on writing responses with detailed explanations. I truly loved each version and can't even pick a favorite because all of them had the same results for my students- they wrote more than they normally do! 

I loved that we were able to cut one version out and glue it write into student journals- and look at the great explanations my little friends came up with for each "which is best" question!

Having several different versions allows you to easily differentiate for all your students based on ability- so amazing! Regardless of which version you choose to use with your students, I know you'll be happy with the results.

This last version was a lot of fun for my little friends because they each got a chance to make their choice for what they'd rather do- this is great for a quick check in during morning meeting that will lead to a longer discussion, for taking attendance or simply for a fun quick activity!

And here's a look at the amazing math pack:

I was super lucky to get this awesome goodie for my trade and grade.  This 1st Grade Mighty Math has been a life-savor in so many different ways!  This math pack has been fabulous because it is so easy to use and the skills that kids are practicing are all common core aligned. It is a constant spiral review of all of the different domains and is a predictable format which makes it super easy for my first graders to do independently.  It gets students thinking and practicing common core standards each and every day in a fun and meaningful way! 

As you can see from the examples above, the Mighty Math asks many questions over a wide variety of skills.  I love the my kiddos are seeing questions in each domain in several ways which causes them to really think about the wording of each question!

The Top 3 ways I am using these math sheets in my room: 
1. Early Finishers
2. Center Work to review specific skills with students 
3. Homework

My kiddos are super proud of their Mighty Math work! They especially love the measurement and data questions and get so proud when they answer these questions correctly!  

You can try these super packs out with the freebies by clicking the pics below. We know your little friends will love these as much as ours did!

Click the pics below to check out the entire packs...we highly recommend these packs- they were both outstanding! 



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