It's a Freebie Friday!

It has been a crazy week!  We were off on Monday and Tuesday due to the cold weather and snow. However, Wednesday we got right back into the swing of things.  It is always fun to come back to school when you know big hugs and smiling first grade faces are waiting to greet you  (and to tell you about every detail of their break!)  I had six kids out on Wednesday and the rest of the group was pretty sleepy adjusting back to school hours but by Thursday the energy was back to normal in my classroom!

The kids have been inside for recess everyday which is not easy for them seeing as there is lots of snow outside the school to be played with.  If you ask all of my 28 kids what they would do in the snow you will probably get 28 different answers.  Some are ready to build snowmen others snow forts or snow mountains... their imaginations are endless!  With these creative brains daydreaming about the snow outside I knew I had to tap into some of their creativity and get them writing about it!

Here is a freebie my firsties worked on this week during writing one day.  They had fun as  they visualized themselves outside in the snow doing exactly what the wanted. I was even able to snap a quick picture of each of them as they walked one day all bundled up which made for a fun extra to their writing.

Thanks to Teaching Blog Addict for hosting each Friday and giving teachers a one spot to grab lots of great freebies!    Make sure to head on over to TBA to check out lots of other great freebies from teachers!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I haven't checked out freebie Friday. Headed over there to do that now!

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