Tuesday Tried It: Informative Writing in First Grade

Today, I am linking up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper!  Since we recently started a new unit in our writing curriculum this is the perfect time to link up!

Students are now becoming teachers as they inform writers about the different topics they are already experts on.  I know I say it each time I post about writing but I continue to be impressed by my first graders as they continue to grow as writers.  Still lots of work to go but these kids are writers!

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.1.2 Write informative/explanatory texts in which they name a topic, supply some facts about the topic, and provide some sense of closure.

Since starting this unit last week I have already seen my young authors write about a variety of topics.  Some of the topics include: dogs, sharks, teachers, pets, cookies, Skylanders, flag football, Chicago sports, Christmas and even the list goes on and on.  Students are loving sharing their knowledge about topics they enjoy.

We have lots to work on but with only a couple days under their belts I am proud of my kids for jumping into this new kind of writing!

Here is one of my young writers pieces about sharks:

"I know a lot about sharks. They have bad vision.  They think people are sea lions.  They have enemies.  They have sharp teeth.  They have fins."  I don't know that all of these are "facts;" however, I am impressed with this little boy's creativity!! 

Here is another quick example of one of my student's writing which I simply thought was too cute!  This little girl's dad is a teacher and she is one of those kids who just knows that she will be a teacher one day too (and she will definitely be a FANTASTIC one!)   When we were talking about things we were "experts" on she immediately said, "I'm an expert on teachers. I know ALL about them!"  
"You need to make sure that kids are listening. They work in a school."
"You need to make sure that they learn."  

In order to help get my students to stretch out their writing to inform others we are using a few simple steps.  To grab your copy of this poster please click the image below!

A special thanks to Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for always encouraging teachers to try new things (in school and at home!)  Head on over to check out what other teachers are trying and to get some fabulous new ideas for your classroom!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This is wonderful. I love that you are letting your children share about topics they care about and know about. What a great way to have them begin to learn informational writing.

  2. I can honestly say after teaching all elementary grades, first grade was my absolute favorite grade to teach writing. It is the best experience to watch them grow and learn with their writing. The transformation makes me happy! I love the shark writing! Your kids are doing a great job!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I agree 100%. Students love to share about interesting topics and I think it is wonderful that you are encouraging them to write about a variety of topics at this age! The samples you shared are priceless. I love reading your perspective from the primary side of things!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. Reading students' writing and seeing their growth over time is so fun! Your first graders are doing great! Thank you for the great freebie!
    Conversations in Literacy


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