December Currently

Woohoo for December Currently time! As you can tell from nearly all my responses, I've totally got Christmas on my mind. Only 3 weeks till winter break and since I currently feel refreshed and ready for this week with my little friends, I have some time to focus on all things Christmas at home!

I'm hoping to have a very productive week/weekend with finishing putting up decorations, finishing Christmas shopping and working out a whole lot! I keep seeing really cute pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of Christmas decor and trees and it's making me feel the pressure to actually take everything out of our storage boxes and get it all up before December flies right by us. I love how creative everyone is when it comes to home decorations...I tend to put the exact same things up in the exact same ways each year, but I am inspired by everyone else and their cute homes! So, maybe one of these years when I get started a little early, I'll try something new too?? 

Off to go read more Currently's...or maybe put up some decorations! :) Thanks to Farley for always hosting such a great monthly linky!

Have a great day!

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  1. Definitely got Christmas on the mind! 15 school days in December makes for a short month!


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