Tune into Technology Linky: Classroom Websites

We have been loving reading all the posts you all have been linking up with for our Tune into Technology linky! This week's topic is Classroom Websites and we are looking forward to getting some great ideas for our websites, so please link up!

Classroom websites are such a great tool for students and their families. They are such a nice way to keep parents informed on all things related to your classroom.  For today's post, we wanted to provide you with a list of what we consider essential items to include on your classroom website...we are sure there are some we're forgetting, but this will hopefully at least get you started! 

Contact Information: Parents need to know the best way to get in touch with you- always mention what your preferred method of contact is so parents will hopefully use that method first! 

Information about yourself: Just like I enjoy reading about you other bloggers out there, parents most likely also like reading about their child's teacher.  Include fun information about yourself as well as your educational/teaching background.

Daily Class Schedule:  It is important that parents know what specials are on which days and the general set up/schedule of your class.  I would include when your reading and math times are as well so maybe they will take that into consideration if they need to pull their child out for a doctor's appointment! 

Weekly/Monthly Calendar: People like to plan ahead-- provide them with information ahead of time by keeping a calendar up to date on your website!

Recommended Educational Websites:  Parents are always looking for ideas of what they can do at home with their child-- create a list of your favorite educational websites so parents can help their students learn at home too! Since we are constantly adding websites the organization of this part is essential.  Please check out our post here of how we use Draggo to organize our classroom websites.  

Tips for Home: Include a list of reading, writing, math activities, etc. that students can do at home with their parents.  Same with the websites, this will give parents an idea of what they can be doing to help their child at home.

Pictures: We LOVE pictures so we incorporate a lot on our classroom websites. We don't necessarily include student faces because some parents do not want that (just ask for approval beforehand) but even including your daily center activities, word wall, journal creations, etc helps gives parents an idea of what their children really are doing while at school each day.

Important Documents: These documents can range from something like Dolch Sight Word lists to field trip sign up forms.  Anything that is important that you want parents to access easily!


  1. You reminded me that I need to update my "tips for home." I'm so glad you posted that tutorial about Draggo because it will make maintaining my website so much easier! Great tips, as usual.:)

    iTeach 1:1

  2. I just signed up for Draggo and I am hoping that helps me stay organized online! What do you all use for your class website? I use google sites.

    1. Our district has a subscription to echalk-so all of the teachers are required to use it. It has many wonderful features (like a dropbox, calendar, discussion area and much more!)

  3. I'm excited to follow your idea of using Draggo! Thanks again for hosting the linky party!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. Great ideas for a classroom blog! I have considered doing this, but haven't done it yet. I did have one for a student bookclub that our students were in.
    Conversations in Literacy

  5. Thanks, Amanda. I am still playing around with Draggo! I like it! This is great that you added great tips for what should be added on a class website for people that don't already have one!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. Our class site is definitely something I need to work on for the upcoming year. Thanks for the great suggestions. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners
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  7. Tips for home and important documents are a great idea. It prevents repeating yourself.
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun


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