2 Freebies on a Friday and a "Pin-it to Win-it" Opportunity

This past week I spent some quality time back in my classroom. I have been working on my "polka dot and chevron" classroom decor and it is wonderful to finally see the projects up on my walls!  They truly brighten the room and I know my students will love the fun colorful patterns.

It's Friday, let's have some fun...

“Pin-it to Win-it”

The rules are simple:
1. Pin any picture in this post of a product you would like to win
                    (if you pin 6 pictures of different products- you can win all 6!)
2. Leave a comment with the link(s) to the pin(s) and your email address.
3. Check back Sunday evening for one more polka dot and chevron freebie and to see the winner!

There are 6 different products and 2 freebies that I am excited to share with you today...so let's get started!

1. Welcome Bulletin Board
When students come into my classroom I want them to feel a warm-welcome.  This year when my students enter the room they will see their names on my door using the display below.  After the first day I will then get their pictures on there too!

This product includes pennant and circle style words "Fabulous in ____ Grade!" and "Fabulous in Kindergarten."  There is an alternate saying just in circles, "Look who's been spotted in _____ grade!" and "Look who's been spotted in kindergarten!"     There are blanks circles included to add student names or pictures to your display.   To see a more detailed description on this product please click here or on the picture below.  

To get their pictures on the door I will do something similar to what I did last year.  I am going to have students hold up a sign that says "First day of 1st Grade."  To get the sign (as your first freebie) click here or on the signs below.  I made the signs for kindergarten-5th grade in both blue and yellow polka dots.


2. Days of the Week and Schedule Cards
Children enjoy routine just as much as many adults do.  In order to help my students know what specials we have each day I display them with the times on our wall.  Students not only use this to see what specials we have but I also often find kids using both the days of the week and the names of our specials during writing centers to help them spell the words.

This product includes pennant and circle style days of the week words.  The "specials" signs are all editable so you can add your own times to each poster.  The specials included are: gym, music, library, art, science, reading buddies, computers, and technology class.  Also included, is a blank sign so you can add your own special if needed. To see a more detailed description on this product please click here or on the picture below.  

3. {Editable} Reading Focus Board
Last year was the first year I did a reading focus board and I loved it! I changed it each Monday with  our new skills and strategies of the week.  Students referred to it often for their word wall words and phonics sound patterns.  It is in my reading corner, so when we were reading stories or students were reading independently I would often see kids look up at it on their own, to check a strategy, which made my heart very happy!

This product includes pennant and circle style words such as "Reading Focus Board" and "Reading Corner."  It also has headers including: story element, word wall words, vocabulary, genre, comprehension strategy, spelling words ect.  The best part is that this display works with any curriculum because it editable so you can make your own headers to fit your classroom needs.  To see a more detailed description on this product please click here or on one of the pictures below.

4. {Editable} Word Wall 
The word wall is a very important part of an elementary classroom.  Students use the word wall throughout the day and it truly becomes interactive as students are able to take words off and put them back on as needed.  Throughout the day my first graders refer to the word wall during reading, writing, fluency practice, and other literacy centers.

This product includes pennant and circle style words stating "Word Wall." It also has headers including each of the letters in the alphabet.  Each header has an uppercase and lowercase letter on it in a bold easy-to-read font.  There are two colored versions of the headers and in each the vowels are made to stand out.  The blank word wall cards are all editable.  There are several different sizes and patterns to help you find the one that fits best with each word.    To see a more detailed description on this product please click here or on one of the pictures below.

5. Ten Frame Number Posters (English and Spanish)
I have always had numbers up in my first grade room.  They are big enough so that students can use them in a pinch to add or subtract.   Sometimes, while in a center,  I will see a child pointing using the number posters to count on or count back on.  They are helpful.  This year, I wanted to make them even more beneficial and useful in my classroom so I created ten frame number posters.  

This product includes number posters in both English and Spanish.  Each poster has the number, number word, and ten frame on it.  They alternate between polka dot and chevron patterns-all odd numbers are polka dot patterned and even numbers are chevron patterned.   To see a more detailed description on this product please click here or on one of the pictures below.  

6. Birthday Display
Birthdays should be treated as a special day!  It is important to recognize each child on their birthday.  It is funny because my birthday was always over winter break (it is on New Year's Eve) so I was never in school to celebrate it.  One would think this would make me much better at remembering to recognize those birthdays that are celebrated over a break but it doesn't...I simply forget until the child reminds me!  This year I am going to really work hard on doing a better job of recognizing my "half birthday" friends too and I am hoping this display will help keep me on track!  

This product includes pennant and circle style words stating "Birthdays!" and "Class Birthdays!" There are headers for each of the months of the year in bold font-making them easy to read.    There are also  birthday certificates, a page to create a class book for your special student, and number cards for the students to hold for their picture, a birthday chart, and birthday badges! To see a more detailed description on this product please click here or on one of the pictures below. 

All of the students in the same month stand together.  Each student holds up the number of their birthday to display on our birthday display!  
7. {Freebie} “Fabulous ___ Grade Work”                                     
This year I want to make "fabulous" student work a focus in my classroom.  I want to display their hard work for everyone to see!  When I was putting things up in my room I left a big chunk of wall space for just that. 

This freebie is for kindergarten through 5th grade.  Proudly display student work on a bulletin board (or wall space!) using this bright and colorful chevron and polka dot prints.  If any of the other products interest you this is a great product to try for free because it compliments all of the other products listed above.  The product comes in both pennant and circle style letters.  To see a more detailed description on this product please click here or on one of the pictures below.

I know the wall space looks very blank now-but soon, very soon, it will be filled with bright colorful work from my first graders!  

Don't forget you can pin any of these pictures above for your chance to win!  The more you pin the more you can win! Check back on Sunday evening as I have one more polka dot and chevron freebie to give!  

A special thanks to Teaching Blog Addict for hosting a linky with TONS of freebies every Friday!  

Happy Friday!


  1. Your products look GREAT!!! Thank you for opportunity to win them.
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    Our classroom theme this year is Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales. Our main wall will have a castle made from 2D shapes. The pennants will be perfect to highlight different areas as the kids will make the connection of the 'flags' on the castle and the celebrations associated with pennants. Thank you! These are terrific ideas.

    Betsy in Orlando parenthed1@aol.com

  4. Very cute and usefl! Love that they're editable! smnitta@gmail.com

  5. Thanks!

  6. What a great giveaway! Your classroom looks very cute!


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  7. These are all cute so I am going to pin it all! I would be happy with anything!




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