Technology Tuesday!

I love alliteration (that might be the first clue I have been teaching first grade for several years!) So "Technology Tuesdays" and "Techy Teacher Tuesdays" are right up my alley!  can't help but to look forward to them.  This week I wanted to write about a tool that we have found very useful (and easy to use!) in first grade.  TodaysMeet is a website that allows students to connect with others in a safe space.  Lately I have been using TodaysMeet to check for understanding of students on various concepts.  I have used TodaysMeet after read alouds, to create math discussions, to brainstorm PBIS rewards, to respond to listening centers and so much more-the opportunities to use this website are endless!

Follow the step below when you go to  to get started: 

That's it!  Ask a question to students or simply let students start discussing.  Here are some screenshots I took of my kiddos conversations after watching a BrainPop video on Doubles.  

To start students off I gave them a question and gave them the starter "I learned..."
As students finished the video they just started typing....

Most of my students were able to name a doubles fact.  Although there were a couple that were a little bit off. :)  

Reasons I love TodaysMeet: 1. It is a safe way for my students to discuss ideas and learn from one another. 2. Accountability.  Students are required to type a name to join.  There are times where I want to know who is saying what so that I can better gauge their understanding for  specific topic.  However, there are also times where I tell students they can use their S Number (a special number given to each student through our school) so students can remain anonymous to classmates.   3.  This is a quick activity and very user friendly even for six year-olds!  

For more ideas on how to incorporate TodaysMeet into the upper grades head over to our friend and coworker's blog at iteach1:1!  Kristin is an amazing teacher and friend! She has taught me so much in the classroom and the blogging world!  I am so grateful for her!

Don't forget to check out Technology Tailgate and Queen of the First Grade Jungle for more awesome technology ideas!


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks April! You will have to let me know if you end up using it in your classroom!

  2. This sounds awesome! Thank you for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

  3. Today's Meet has to be my #1 fav. web 2.0 tool.. and YOU were the one to first introduce me to it a couple years ago! Thanks for the shout-out. :)

    iTeach 1:1

    1. Anytime- you are AWESOME and I am constantly amazed all that you are doing with your 4th graders!!

  4. We used this during our PDD last month. The teachers had a great time sharing meaningful comments. I'll have to try it out in the classroom!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

    1. Fun to use that at a PDD. You just got me thinking...this would be a neat way to get parents discussing certain topics too...hmmm the possibilities are endless!

  5. I love Today's Meet! It is a great tool.


    1. I completely agree! It is so easy for the kids to use!

  6. Today's Meet is so easy, but here are 2 others that I found. I have not tested them yet, but they look pretty good.

  7. My co-blogger has already commented on this, but I wanted to as well. I love Today's Meet and have participated in it during several trainings. I have yet to venture out and try it on my own though. Thanks for the reminder of it. I want to use it at one of my staff trainings. :)


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