Creating Calendars in First Grade

Every month I send home a new behavior calendar for my students.  Students are expected to color in each box before going home depending on the color they end on (green, yellow, or red.)  This month we switched up our routine a little bit and students created their own behavior calendars.  I began this project by sending home a note to parents asking them to write out any important dates in the month of February (birthdays, family events, practices, ect.)

In our classroom we have Macs so I looked into using iCal to set up our calendar but decided to create my own monthly calendar template using Keynote because it seemed more kid-friendly.  

Students were given a blank calendar template (see below) with the numbers already typed in and the days of the week on top. Students were first asked to put the days of the week in the correct order and place them into the blue boxes.  Once students completed this task they started typing in specific dates.  I put dates that applied to all of us (class birthdays, 100th day, Valentine's Day) on the SMART Board and then students added their own dates using their note from parents.  

The blank calendar template given to students.  I created this using Keynote.  

Students got to work and began typing as many dates as they possibly could!  Once they had all of their dates in the computer they were allowed to change color, font, and add pictures.    

Below is the finished product for one student.  I am very proud of the hard work my first graders put into their calendars and they were really excited with the finished product!    I know it is hard to see all of the typing and clipart so I made this picture as big as possible! :)  Tiegan's month will be filled with birthdays, soccer practice, holidays and our book fair!

Looking back: I am glad that I typed in the numbers and days of the week for students.  Putting in the dates and getting clip art was a big enough task for the first time around.  I am also glad that students were able to start these calendars with their 3rd grade buddies who were already familiar with Keynote. I am also happy I got parents involved.  Kids have been so excited to have their own special things on their calendars--I will definitely send home a note again.  

Looking ahead:  I would like for each student to have a goal section (either on the top or the bottom of the page.)  I want kids to type "My goal is to get ___ greens this month."  If they achieve their goal then they get a sticker. :)  I will also (next month or the following month) have students type in their own numbers once they are fully familiar with using Keynote.

New lessons are always fun to try and I am excited for next month to do more with our behavior calendars!

Happy Tuesday!

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